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BINDU is a youth feminist organization led by diversity community young women who is committed to protecting human rights, women empowerment, Equality through ensuring gender responsive public services, localization of SDGs, ensuring quality education, climate justice, safe and hygienic environment and at the grassroots level especially at costal region.

Our Vision

Equality for all.

Our Mission

To create a discrimination free society where all human being will get equal opportunity and rights, People will live with dignity and healthy environment.

Our Goal

Make the community capable to raise vocal for claiming their rights and ensuring justice through feminist values. On the other hand, make the state party accountable for ensuring governance. Based on the Right base approach BINDU is committed to create a society where peace and social cohesion along social protection, rule of law, healthy environments and nondiscrimination will be the focused area.

What We Do ?

  • Women leadership development through capacity building for playing active role as changemaker
  • To make the underprivileged women self-dependent by providing various vocational training
  • Preventing the social discrimination of the divest community women by making them self-dependent as well as self-reliant by ensuring all of their rights.
  • Establish feminist values to the society.

  • To make the poor and marginalized young people self-dependent by build their Capacity.
  • Youth leadership development

  • Establishing the mass education centre to give education to unprevailed kids in a particular area as well as ensuring that the kids can play freely and get free treatment so that they can live a healthy life.
  • To establish rehabilitation center for the autistic and disabled children,
  • Making sure to rehabilitate of street children and poor orphans so that they can get a proper education
  • Resisting against child labor and child repression.

  • Arranging of self-employment through training of people with disabilities.

  • Enhancing knowledge of community on effect of climate change and their vulnerability so that they will take action to ensure climate justice
  • Mobilize people to continue global campaign on climate justice
  • To develop youth advocate for policy advocacy with state
  • To build a youth volunteer group who will work volunteer for pre during and post disaster
  • Ensure humanitarian Rights in any Disaster

  • To hold public services accountable for ensuring rule of law, climate justice, Accessibility of marginalized community, Gender responsiveness, transparency and integrity.

Our Donars/Partners